Strength in diversity. 


Understanding. Acceptance. Inclusion.


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FZNiAm Workshop

FZiAm had a chance to visit Fort Zumwalt North High School’s diversity club, FZNiAm, for their engaging workshop.

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Our diversity & awareness work.


Veterans Museum

Over the summer we had a chance to visit the St. Charles County Veterans Museum and record a Fortitude Podcast. Make sure you check out the photos and podcast from our visit.

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Support Staff Diversity Training

Over the summer we hosted diversity workshops for district level support staff personnel. As we continue our work across the District, check out what happens during one of the sessions. 

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Autism Awareness

For Autism Awareness Month, we spent some time with a few students at Fort Zumwalt East High School to talk about recognizing and including those with autism looked like.

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Facilitating Cope

We spent some time with Melissa Tichy, a Crisis Counselor at Fort Zumwalt West, to talk about some of the ways she helps students cope during emotional moments with her coping corner.

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Fort Zumwalt North High’s Diversity Club has taken the challenge. Find out how students are working together to find strength in their diversity.

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Difficult Conversations

The FORTiTUDE Podcast hosted a diversity episode with Juan Wilson, Coordinator of Diversity & Awareness for the Fort Zumwalt School District, and Brittany Hogan, the Coordinator Education Equity and Diversity for the Rockwood School District.

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